Promoting health and wellness among our employees is critical to our success and our company values of Transparency, Diversity, Fairness, Truth, and Excellence. We have invested in a series of web-based vitality sessions that provide opportunities for us to come together and see each other and participate in (non-work related) activities that focus on helping us develop mindful fitness techniques and strategies to address various personal goals.

We hope that taking part in this series will help you create habits that can help you be your best at work and at home. Please take advantage of the range of information and resources available to you to help focus on the various areas of your well-being.

When you participate, please use the time to connect with yourself and/or colleagues, take a mental break, and allow yourself to be silly and spirited. Although the sessions are voluntary, we encourage everyone to participate whether live or via the recorded sessions. They are intended to facilitate mindfulness and wellness to support your well-being.

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Live Well, Work Well

The Live Well, Work Well newsletter is an employee newsletter that is produced monthly and covers topics like health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and personal finance. This month’s newsletter discusses self-care and your mental health, skin cancer and how fast food impacts heart health.

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