Short-Term Disability insurance can replace a portion of your regular income while you aren’t working due to childbirth, illness or injury. After all, your bills won’t stop just because you need to recover. Benefits begin at the end of the elimination period and continue while you are disabled up to a maximum benefit duration. This benefit is paid entirely by California Times.

  • Benefits are payable after a period of seven calendar days due to injury, illness, surgery or recovery from childbirth The clock starts following your Last Day Worked Prior to Date of Disability
  • Pays 60% of your pre-disability earnings to a maximum of $2,308 per week Pay is based off Basic Weekly Earnings (including commission) for up to 26 weeks
  • Duration of 26 weeks This includes an Elimination Period of: 7 consecutive days - Injury 7 consecutive days - Illness
  • Proof of your disability will be required from your physician If you received treatment for a pre-existing condition within a 3 month period before your coverage effective date, you may not be eligible for benefits for that condition until covered by plan for 12 months.
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Short-Term Disability Insurance

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